SUGAI WORLD is a Happy Design Gift Maker.

SUGAI WORLD, founded in 2011 in Tokyo, is a design gift maker with a playful mind. Its history began with a fun sticky note named “mustache-it”, mustache-shaped sticky note. Our mission is to make the world more free and full of dreams and imaginations. Our products are proudly made in japan from eco-friendly materials. They are now sold at lifestyle shops, museum shops, and so on across the world. Enjoy the SUGAI WORLD with a playful and happy mind!

202, 2-12-4 Yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0097 Japan
Tel / Fax:+81-3-5716-1963
Email: miyusugai@gmail.com

USA Agent
Mira Design Corporation
231 W 39th Street, #1012, New York, NY 10018 USA
Tel: 212-921-5890 Fax: 212-921-5891
Email: ny@mirausa.com



Q.1 What is the SUGAI WORLD ?

We are tokyo based happy design gift maker.
We plan and design all of our products, and ask japanese factories to make them.
We are committed to creating unique and playful products, mainly stationery. And we are trying to make them from eco-friendly material as much as possible.

Q.2 How did it start the SUGAI WORLD, Inc.?

When our founder, Yu SUGAI, was working for an another company, he started writing down his ideas about things that can change the life more comfortable and happier. (There are more than 20 idea-notebooks now.)That was a way to reduce his stress in a packed train of everyday.
At first, He was just enjoying sharing his ideas with his friends. But someday, one of them said to him, “Your ideas are so fun! Why don’t you make them?” , and he said “Why not !? Let’s do that!! “.
In 2011, he made the first product “Mustache-it”, a mustache shaped sticky note.
For the first 2 years, he was selling only the one. “Mustache-it” became a quite big hit riding the mustache-boom which came in those days. (That was a beginner’s luck!)
Then he made second product and third. In 2013, He made his first devut at Tokyo Gift Show.

Q.3 What is the purpose of the SUGAI WORLD products?

People in japan works very hard in a small space. So we want to make them to be able to work happier with our products. And also, we hope the same thing about people all of the world. Our mission is “give imagination and dream to the world ”.

Q.4 What is the dream of the SUGAI WORLD?

To communicate with people all over the world through our products. And we believe that will be a part of the world peace.