Clip & Card

Clip & Card comes as a set of greeting card and paperclip. The paper clip, made of a natural fiber paper, is bendable when it’s wet and you can change its shape as you like. It will bring the start of a little conversation, and make a fun communication with the person who receives it.

Product name:Clip&Card
Unit:5 Product Dimensions:W105×H148×D3(mm)
Package Dimensions:W120×H164×D4(mm)
Contents:1Card, 1Clip, 1Envelope
Made in Japan

White cat  SW-CC-CC 4580316971004
White Rabbit SW-CC-SU 4580316971011
White Bear  SW-CC-SK 4580316971028
Black Cat  SW-CC-KN 4580316971035
Black Monkey  SW-CC-MK 4580316971042
Black Bear   SW-CC-BA 4580316971059
Panda   SW-CC-PD 4580316971066