Clip family

Clip Family is a biodegradable paper clip made from a natural fiber. You can use as a normal clip or a bookmark. But if you soak it in water for 5 minutes, you can change its shape and play with it too. It’s a paper clip with added possibilities!

Material:Natural fiber paper
Made in Japan
1 unit:10 pkg
1 pkg:5 pc

Man   SW-CF-CM 4580316970489
Girl   SW-CF-CG 4580316970496
White Cat   SW-CF-CC 4580316970502
Black Cat   SW-CF-KN 4580316970519
Black Monkey   SW-CF-MK 4580316970526
Black Bear   SW-CF-BA 4580316970533
Black Dog   SW-CF-KI 4580316970830
Black Rabbit   SW-CF-KU 4580316970847
Panda   SW-CF-PD 4580316970854
White Dog   SW-CF-SI 4580316970861
White Rabbit   SW-CF-SU 4580316970878
White Bear   SW-CF-SK 4580316970885