Bag Clips Bō <NEW>

At first glance, Bō looks like a simple paper stick, but its simple structure consisting of two paper rods tightly seals your food bags.
Most bag clips are made of plastic, but the main body of Bō is 95% recycled paper made from newspapers, magazines, cardboard, etc. Compared to high-grade printing paper, CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 40%, and are reduced by approximately 65% compared to plastic.
The packaging is also made entirely of recycled paper and can be recycled as paper waste making it biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Bō can be used for 3 years or more (about 1,000 times or more of open and closing) and is perfect to use for coffee bags, tea, cereal and snack bags.

Product Name:Bag Clips Bō
Product Size:Φ12×H150mm / Φ12×H220mm
Package Size:W76×H213×D13mm / W65×H283×D13mm
Weight:27 g
Material:Paper(95% Recycled Paper)
Unit (MOQ):6
Made in Japan

BO 150(set of 3) SW-BO-150 4580316971400
BO 220(set of 2) SW-BO-220 4580316971417