Earphone Buddy

Earphone Buddy is an animal shaped cable holder which keeps your earphones tidy, never to be tangled again. Made of eco-friendly fiber paper, the Earphone Buddy is a lovely gift for yourself, friends, or family.

(1) You can use this to adjust the cable length while in use.
(2) It’s light-weight (2 grams), so it can be used comfortably while listening.
(3) The animal’s feet are shaped like a hook allowing you to hang it on the edge of a shelf or table.

Product name:Earphone Buddy
Product Dimensions:W40×H77×D1(mm)
Package Dimensions:W85×H153×D1.2(mm)
Material:Natural fiber Paper
Made in Japan

Black Cat   SW-EB-KN     4580316971073
Sloth           SW-EB-NM    4580316971080
Panda         SW-EB-PD      4580316971097