Clip & Card

Clip & Card comes as a set of a greeting card and a paper clip. The paper clip, made of natural fiber paper, is bendable when it’s wet and you can change its shape as you like. It can spark exchanges between you and a friend, leading to very amusing conversations!

Product name:Clip&Card
Unit:5 Product Dimensions:W105×H148×D3(mm)
Package Dimensions:W120×H164×D4(mm)
Contents:1Card, 1Clip, 1Envelope
Made in Japan

White cat  SW-CC-CC 4580316971004
White Rabbit SW-CC-SU 4580316971011
White Bear  SW-CC-SK 4580316971028
Black Cat  SW-CC-KN 4580316971035
Black Monkey  SW-CC-MK 4580316971042
Black Bear   SW-CC-BA 4580316971059
Panda   SW-CC-PD 4580316971066